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Turkey Private Tours 

Is Turkey on your bucket list? Join us on our private Turkey tours to enjoy what this extraordinary country has to offer. Our aim has always been to offer soul-satisfying journeys, the type of experiences that take a trip from excellent to extraordinary. Everything from the delectable cuisines, local food markets and breathtaking coastline of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas can be experienced during our Turkey private tours.

Small Group Turkey Tours 

Constantinople, Byzantium and Istanbul are arguably the most beautiful cities in the world. Our small group Turkey tours are rich in sensual delights, home to crossroads for centuries, this is truly where east meets west.  Bask in the ancient architectural glories of Istanbul, sample the culinary delights of the Turkish table, swim in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and wander the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia. Additionally our private Istanbul tours are a great way to explore the city, check out the Haiga Sophia which was once a church, later a mosque, then a museum and now a mosque. It is a perfect synthesis where both Ottoman and Byzantine influence can be witnessed under one dome. Alternatively, explore the city of Bursa with our small group Turkey tours. Bursa was the original capital of the Ottoman empire.  Nicknamed the ‘Green City’, Bursa lives up to its name with parks and gardens at every turn.  Why not shop for silk scarves in the beautiful old silk market before enjoying a traditional Turkish bath at the healing thermal springs. Lastly, make your way down the coast to the ancient city of Troy.  Originally made famous in Homer’s ‘Iliad’ and immortalized in film by Brad Pitt, the site of Troy dates back over 5000 years.  

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Custom Turkey Tours - Adventure Awaits

 Our custom Turkey tours encourage you to interact with the locals to immerse yourself in the traditions, culture and cuisine, fostering long lasting memories. Fancy cruising around the Turquoise Coast of Turkey in a traditional gullet…………… look no further we’ve got you covered, on your private Turkey tour. Have you worked hard all year and want to destress? A typical day on a private gullet would be to wake up at your leisure and begin your day with a traditional Turkish breakfast. Indulge in tomatoes, fresh and juicy and possibly the tastiest you’ve ever tried, cucumbers, olives, crumbling white cheese similar in taste and texture to feta, jams, preserves, fresh honey, thick yogurt, stuffed pastries (borek) and eggs (your way). After breakfast how about cooling off in a secluded bay, the clear turquoise waters beckoning temptingly.  If you are feeling energetic, step ashore for an incredible coastal walk wandering amongst pine forests, clambering around ancient city ruins, castles and tombs from civilizations past and taking in the magnificent sea views.  The only way to tell the time is the passing of the sun and the gastronomic delights served on board your gulet. Our custom Turkey tours never sounded better – right? Gypsian Tours also have Turkey Tours that bring you a perfect blend of Istanbul and Turkey. 

Embark on our Private Turkey Tours Today!

Our Turkey private tours are perfect if you’re looking for a unique and customised experience. Our booking process is simple, simply send us an enquiry from the contact us button below and we can recommend a tour that aligns with your budget and desired time. Our custom Turkey tours means we can recommend anything from riads and hotels, things to do and places to eat so you can have the best cultural experience. 


Whether you want to take an early hot air balloon ride of the surreal landscape of Cappadocia or you want to immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the country, our private and small group Turkey tours are for you! Want to have the opportunity to learn a little more about what’s under your feet, no problem we can organise a private session with an expert who has been collecting pieces for over 30 years. Whatever you are looking for, let the girls at Gypsian Tours take you on a private Tour to Turkey!

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