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Portugal Private Tours 

For us Portugal has always been a fabulous destination and now the country enjoys a cultural and gastronomic boom and there has never been a better time to plan your next private Portugal Tour with the girls at Gypsian Tours.

Portugal Small Group Tours 

The alluring cities of Lisbon and Porto, the beautiful Douro Valley, the beaches and fine dining of the Algarve coupled together with some unforgettable rural experiences provides the traveller with a wide range of exciting possibilities on your Portugal small group tour.


Our small group tours of Portugal, allow you to learn and appreciate the history, art, architecture, customs and cultural traditions. Working with a broad network of insider collaborators you also have access to a wide range of fascinating places and faces such as amazing local guides, an authentic Fado singer, art experts, local artisans, great winery owners, a range of chefs and foodies experts, Jewish heritage insiders and skippers of boats that allow you to enjoy the breeze of discoveries.


We love to sprinkle our Portugal small group tour itineraries with eclectic properties where you will be assured of the sincere and warm Portuguese hospitality.  One of our favourites sits atop of a medieval village embracing a castle and commanding majestic views cross the countryside. If this sounds like the experience for you, the girls at Gypsian tours can take you on a magical adventure on our next Portugal private tour!

Lisbon Tram

Custom Portugal Tours - Adventure Awaits

Gypsian Boutique Tours offers custom Portugal tours that allow you to create your own adventure. There is plenty to see and do, our private Portugal tours leaves it up to you! The explosion of Porto as one of Europe’s hottest destinations has caught everyone by surprise especially the locals! It is the locals however who have given a new lease of life to their city, especially with the revival of speciality food markets, traditional petisco bars and transforming once sedate areas into fun and lively neighbourhoods. Monuments have had a makeover and the best of time honoured cuisine has reappeared with a modern twist.  How about opting for a cruise along the beautiful Douro or a private visit to one of the historic Port wine cellars meeting along the way those people whose passion makes Porto so unique for its’ wine and who play a fundamental role in maintaining the Port heritage of the city.

Maybe you’d like to visit another city? In recent times Lisbon has come back to life with a newfound energy.  For us this capital city combines history and tradition with contemporary chic and style.  You will notice that the locals are fun, easy going and friendly and its street life is vibrant. By day or night there is no getting bored wandering this city thanks to the intricately designed itinerary of our private Portugal tours!

Private Tours of Portugal and More! 

While there is plenty to do in Portugal, perhaps just one country isn't enough, Gypsian Boutique Tours also offers Turkey Tours and more for you to enjoy. Explore everything Portugal has to offer before embarking on your next adventure.


You can’t miss the beautiful landscape of Portugal. The stunning Douro Valley runs along the “River of Gold” in Northern Portugal from the city of Porto.  The beautiful riverside setting overlooked by vast vineyards offers one of the most picturesque and scenic journeys in Europe.  A globally esteemed wine trail the Douro is blessed with Portugal’s most fruitful autumn harvests amidst the protection of luscious hillsides. For us the dramatic landscape is best witnessed by river cruise and Pinhao offers the idyllic location to embark on a soothing sailing excursion amongst nature, spotting small rural villages and neat terraced vineyards along the way. Perhaps after you finish here you can book a Tour to Spain, the neighbouring country!

Embark on our Private Portugal Tours Today!

Our private tours to Portugal  are perfect if you’re looking for a unique and customised experience. Our booking process is simple, simply send us an enquiry from the contact us button below and we can recommend a tour that aligns with your budget and desired time. Our custom Portugal tours means we can recommend anything from riads and hotels, things to do and places to eat so you can have the best cultural experience. This beautiful country offers a unique experience that showcases the rich history, stunning landscape and distinctive traditions of each destination.


Let the girls at Gypsian organise your next Portugal Tour!

Feira de Ladra
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