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Morocco Private Tours 

Our Morocco private tours are the perfect way to explore this magnificent country. Renowned as one of the most welcoming countries in the world with a friendly and tolerant population who takes pride in their sense of hospitality is Morocco. With its Arab and Berber cultures this tour offers adventure, mystery, sensuality and magic for all ages.

Morocco Small Group Tours 

Our Morocco Small Group tours combine the UNESCO Heritage cities of Fes and Marrakech, with their imperial past and rich history. It will challenge your senses as you immerse yourself in their lively markets,  cuisine and handcrafts and the exuberance of their gardens and palaces. These cities boast some of the most luxurious and charming hotels you can imagine, all waiting to be explored from our Morocco small group tours.  Our private Morocco tour offers everything from a visit to an old aristocratic palace or the quarters of a famous designer, a shopping tour around the trendiest spots in the cities or a ballooning ride in the countryside. Explore the beautiful cuisines of this country with a food tasting tour of the medinas; creating your own perfume with an acclaimed master, learning the secrets of the local Jewish cuisine in an eco-farm, enjoying a musical dinner with the members of a mystical Sufi brotherhood, or having a private photography session on a terrace overlooking the famous Djmaa el Fna at sunset – the possibilities are endless with our small group Morocco tours. 


Custom Morocco Tours - Adventure Awaits

The high Atlas Mountains, the stronghold of the Berbers, will satisfy your highest expectations of adventure not to mention the  breathtaking landscapes.  Life has changed very little over the centuries, come with us on our custom Morocco tours and enjoy pure Berber hospitality. Enjoy a picnic style lunch or dinner in one of the most secret spots of the Valley of Paradise or an authentic Djemaa el Fna storyteller unfolding his old tales just for you. Head south to the arid wilderness of the pre-Sahara regions with life and greenness bursting at its seams – it all awaits you on your trip to Morocco. If exploring just one country isn't enough for you Gypsian Tours have Spain and Morocco Tours that bring you a perfect blend of these two cultures. 

Morocco Tours from Australia 

Our Morocco private tours are perfect if you’re looking for a unique and customised experience. Our booking process is simple, simply send us an enquiry from the contact us button below and we can recommend a tour that aligns with your budget and desired time. Our custom Morocco tours means we can recommend anything from riads and hotels, things to do and places to eat so you can have the best cultural experience. 


With both our Morocco tours & private Morocco tours, the best is yet to come…………..the mighty Sahara awaits.  Imagine sitting atop of your camel, trekking across the mighty Sahara surrounded by red – gold dunes, the only sounds are the slight sigh of the wind and the soft plod as your camel leaves a trail of footprints against an otherwise unmarked sand-scape.  Slowly the sun starts to dip towards the horizon, casting long shadows and changing the colours to dusky pinks and purples.  Up ahead the dim light of your luxury desert encampment appears, as you get closer the traditional Berber tents emerge from the shadows cast by the setting sun.  It’s an authentic camp, with goats’ hair tents and the delicious smell of a local meal but it is not without its’ comforts – all guests have their own private tent with showers and toilets. Fall asleep under a massive sky with zero light pollution  - an experience that will take you back to your childhood.

Embark on our Private Morocco Tours Today!

The hallmark of Gypsian Boutique Tours is our ability to combine personal service with a dedicated commitment to appeal to most travellers’ interests, while offering flexible and unrushed itineraries. Our private Morocco tours are spiced with a generous amount of veneration, imagination and coupled with a sense for responsible travel.  We believe they are quirky without being outlandish and our tours are an affordable indulgence that will make guests feel rather impressed with themselves for discovering this Boutique Tour Company.


Let us take you to Morocco on one of our Moroccan private tours!

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