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Real Small Group Tours with Authentic Experiences

Yes, really. Not 25 people, not 15 people – 10 passengers maximum. With small groups we can afford to be more flexible with our itineraries and visit places that 25 people can't. Local restaurants, markets and attractions are all best enjoyed as part of a small group tour. Not only that but a smaller group is better for the environment and we can stay in intimate boutique hotels for a truly unique experience.  There is a reason that "tourist sites" like Aya Sofya, Ephesus and Pamukkale are so popular – they're spectacular! But at Gypsian Boutique Tours we like to think you can have your cake and it too – the big attractions but also the local experience. We offer more than a 'tick-box' tour (you know the ones, the tour leader with the absurd flower/flag/umbrella leading the way and you are herded through sites quicker than you can blink) – we believe that it is the people that make the country and the experiences that make your trip soul satisfyingly unforgettable.

Responsible Travel

At Gypsian Boutique Tours we really do consider ourselves responsible travellers and our tour itineraries are created with our cultural, environmental and economical responsibilities in mind. We take great care in choosing our hotels and restaurants ensuring they are, where possible, small-scale and locally owned. We also discourage the use of plastic bags particularly at local markets and bazaars in order to reduce our environmental impact. Our Tour Leaders will teach you a few local words and phrases to help you to get involved and our local guides are often on hand to provide insights into these new and exotic cultures. Gypsian Tours work with reliable ground operators who are as passionate as we are about our destinations enabling us to put back as much as possible into the economies of the regions we visit.

More Inclusions

We've all done it. Made a budget sworn to stick with it..and then blown it (think entrance fees and meals). Our tours have been designed to take the hassle out of holiday budgets and remove the 'hidden extras' – they include more than half your meals, entrance fees for all sights listed in the itinerary and many inclusions that would be considered 'optional extras' with other companies.

Relaxed Pace

As fellow travellers we know that one night stops are not ideal. Stops of two nights or more set a more relaxed pace without compromising on experiences. That's why we've taken extra care in designing our itineraries to ensure that you get the best out of each location we visit.

Unique Accommodation, Food Focused

In keeping with our commitment to travelling responsibly we take great care in choosing our hotels ensuring they are, where possible, small scale and locally owned (sorry guys, no 5 star international resort chains here!). We love nothing more than ending an exciting day exploring some of the world's best locations with a hot shower and a comfy bed – a great host doesn't hurt either! That's why you'll love our unique accommodation choices – whether you're sleeping in a tent under the stars, cruising the Nile, the Turkish Coast or the Aegean in style, staying in a cave hotel in Cappadocia or a beautifully restored Ottoman mansion or Moroccan riad. 
At Gypsian we believe that a country's food is a huge part of the overall experience and we want our tours to reflect this. Whether you want to learn the culinary secrets of Turkey on our 'Ultimate Turkish Feast', take a cooking class in Marrakech and sample the delights of a Spanish Deli in our 'Tapas & Tagines', or you just think that good food, fantastic people and a great atmosphere sound like a plan, then join us to satisfy your hunger!

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