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Create Your Ideal Holiday

From the beginning, Gypsian Tours have been an innovator, disrupting the travel market and offering tours that are a little bit different, solo tours that reflect our passion for travel and our emphasis on authentic local experiences. A berber tent under the desert stars? No problem. Perfect kayak route around the walls of Dubrovnik? We'll draw you a map. Hottest rooftop bar in Istanbul? For sure. Let us create your perfect trip!

For us food is an integral part of the country you visit so we want you to get involved, participate and experience some great foodie experiences on your holiday. Join our great hosts and indulge in epicurean tours stopping at specialist food stores, artisanal producers of cheese, chocolate makers and finishing at a local favourite far from the maddening tourist crowds.

We understand that your perception of the destination you choose will largely depend on the care that we’ve put in to ensuring you have a truly personalised and enriching travel experience. For us experiencing that perfect moment makes life worth living.

We recommend those properties that best reflect the local environment but also favour places that offer the very best in standards and service. Whatever style you prefer we can always recommend the ideal accommodation to suit your taste, needs and budget.

Whether you seek to explore each city’s main monuments and museums or more authentic local experiences we always aim to match the guide to your tastes and preferences - Leave it to the team at Gypsian Boutique Tours to create a seamless experience just for you.

Mountains Meet Lake


Portugal might be a small country but it is certainly rich in history, culture and for us a smorgasboard of endless sights. The country is abound with picturesque villages, beautiful coastlines, stunning valleys and medieval castles and Portuguese certainly have a vibrancy to life that is infectious to all who visit.  Lisbon makes an excellent entrée into the Iberian Peninsular with travel writers pouring into the city and outpouring superlatives to talk about the revitalized local neighbourhood, the food scene and cultural renaissance of this historic city.  Discover the stunning vineyards of the Doura Valley as you sip some of the best port wine in the world and perhaps try the coveted Azaruja sausage made from black Alentejo pigs and enjoy Fado as its’ best in Coimbra.



Perched on the coast of North Africa, Morocco is bordered by the pristine waters of the Mediterranean. From legendary Marrakech to the fortified shores of Essaouira, much of this vibrant nation remains a mystery to the outside world. 
Home to a diverse melting pot of civilisations and stunning scenery, Morocco is a modern society with ancient influences. The country’s storied history and carefully preserved cultural heritage have made it a popular destination for travellers in search of adventure. 
Morocco’s landscape is made up of bustling cities, rugged mountain ranges and sub-Saharan deserts. Whether you want to explore medieval metropolises, go shopping in the country’s fabled marketplaces or relax with a cocktail in an urban bar, this nation offers a unique blend of contemporary and historical attractions. Check out our Morocco Private Tours.

Dubrovnik pano.jpg


Croatia known as the Land of a Thousand Islands is home to medieval walled cities, gorgeous beaches, and crystal-blue waters. From the historic cities of Split and Dubrovnik to the beach towns of Hvar and Murvica there is plenty of unexplored scenery to explore.  There is no shortage of beauty in this extraordinary country.



Turkey has such a lot to offer that it can easily draw you back time and time again.  From bustling bazaars and historic sites to stunning landscapes and serene beaches, there is something for everyone.  If you are a foodie like us then Turkey is your next destination.  A mystical land with a history stretching back to ancient times, its ancient capital Istanbul is a fascinating city to explore and the only city in the world to straddle two continents. Book your Private Turkey Tour with us today!


Pyramids to Petra

The Middle East is steeped in history, culture and adventure.   Your journey will take you from th ancient glories of the Pharaoh, down the mighty Nile River and to the magnificent rose-coloured city of Petra.It is however the unexpected that you will enjoy the most - hospitality in the unlikeliest of situations, a glass of hot sweet Bedouin tea and the serenity of the desert as you sleep under a blanket of stars.


Athens to Istanbul

Opa!! Welcome to Greece and Turkey.  Whether its' ancient wonders and archaeological sites, idyllic getaways, sampling legendary Greek and Turkish cuisine or simply getting off the well trodden track start your journey on a mythic Mediterranean adventure and discover a Greece and Turkey you never knew existed.


Trekking The Turkish Way

Rated as one of the ten best walks in the world the Lycian Way follows more than 500km through pine forests and olive groves, mule trails and ancient aqueducts.  Sail the turquoise waters of the Med on a traditional Turkish sailboat (gulet) and explore the trails that stretch from the shores right up into the rugged mountains above. In Cappadocia walk through valleys filled with marshmallow like rock formations gazing in awe at the lunar like landscape.  Through it all you can't help but fall in love with the delicious cuisine, the breathtaking scenery and above all the renowned hospitality of the gracious Turkish people.

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