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Our Services

No matter what type of travel plan you’re looking for, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Travelling Responsible

At Gypsian Boutique Tours we believe when travelling to different destinations we are the guests of the host country and as such we respect local values and knowledge leaving only our footprints but taking our memories. We make sure that just as much importance is placed on the country’s people, culture as we do on its’ environment utilising local transport, skills, craft and involvement of its’ people. Our guests are given every opportunity to meet locals and experience traditional hospitality and values thus contributing to the enhancement, viability and vitality of the life of local communities. We like to think that we can continue to generate a change of attitude/thinking in our clients through exposure to something different. This philosophy underpins the very essence of our style of travel.

International Travel Guidance

Throughout many years of providing clients with International Travel Guidance, we have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make booking trips as seamless as possible. If you have any questions, simply reach out.


Itinerary Planning

No matter the type of trip you have in mind, we have the resources and expertise necessary to create the perfect trip.

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