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Spain Private Tours 

Our Spain private tours are the perfect way to explore this magnificent place. Follow the Moorish vibe into the picturesque villages of Andalucia and beyond.  Gaze in awe at that pinnacle of Islamic architecture, the Alhambra and of course delight in the culinary discoveries of tapas as you explore the sensory delights of Spain. 

Small Group Tours of Spain

Start your Spain small group tour in Madrid and be seduced by one of the world’s most vibrant cities.  This city has it all and takes unabashed pleasure in its’ past traditions and is proud to display a wealth of cultural treasures and architectural glories.   Check out the lively bohemian districts where funky restaurants and cafes are sprouting up between old established local favourites.  In a nutshell, tapas in Madrid means tradition and this includes the atmosphere, not just the food! To ‘Tapear’ in Madrid is a fun and recommendable alternative to the full-blown, sit down meal, all waiting to be explored from our Spain private tours. Alternatively, for flamenco lovers we can give you the opportunity to get under the skin of this most Spanish art form.  You’ll have the chance to meet performers, share stories and experience Flamenco up close.  Let us arrange flamenco classes for the aspiring dancers!  Let the girls at Gypsian organise your next private Tour to Spain.

Captivating and beautiful the capital of Andalucia intoxicates and excites and a place that is included in our small group spain tours.  It is the city of flamenco, Carmen and Don Juan.  Seville’s history and culture give rise to pride, tradition, passion and joy.  Outside Seville there are some fabulous day excursions to consider such as Jerez de la Frontera which we focus on wineries and/or the horses.  Alternatively how about a private tour of an Andalusian Bull breeding ranch – or for those real “foodies” our highlight would be a “pilgrimage” to the heart of Iberian ham…………..whatever your interests we have private tours to Southern Spain that will ensure an unforgettable stay for you.


Custom Spain Tours - Adventure Awaits

Gypsian Boutique Tours offers custom Spain tours that allow you to create your own adventure. For those keen hikers and bikers how about a visit to leading wineries and indulge in a gastronomic adventure or just simply relax, we’ll open up those hidden gems for you on your next custom Spain tour. The biggest question is where to go?  There are too many areas to list all but here are a few of our top picks.  Galicia in the green north east has a renowned tradition for its’ rich Celtic heritage, music and folklore and of course magical Santiago de Compostela is the finale for all those treading the Camino.  Asturias is known for its wonderful; beaches, spectacular cliffs, fishing villages, nature reserves and local traditions that go back centuries, last but not least the truly stunning national park of the Picos de Europa.  When passing through the neighbouring Cantabria the medieval village of Santillana is a must see.

Combine Our Private Tours Of Southern Spain With Our Other Adventures! 

Why not combine a Moroccan Tour with a Tour of Spain and you will see not just the Moorish influence not just in Morocco but how it spread to other parts of the region.  You will see how the Moors intricately intertwined their culture, architecture and food into places such as Granada, Cordoba and Seville, one single culture manifesting itself through 2 different regions, landscapes and languages but the spirit behind these circumstances is one of the same.

Embark on our Private Spain Tours Today!

Our private tours to Spain are perfect if you’re looking for a unique and customised experience. Our booking process is simple, simply send us an enquiry from the contact us button below and we can recommend a tour that aligns with your budget and desired time. Our custom Spain tours means we can recommend anything from riads and hotels, things to do and places to eat so you can have the best cultural experience. This beautiful country offers a unique experience that showcases the rich history, stunning landscape and distinctive traditions of each destination.

Let the girls at Gypsian organize your next Spain Tour!

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