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Travel Info for Your Next Adventure

At, we go above and beyond to meet our clients’ travel needs. No matter where you’re going and for how long, we recommend you read through our free collection of resources before traveling.

Duffle Bag

How to Choose Your Next Destination

We understand that your perception of the destination you choose will largely depend on the care that we’ve put in to ensuring you have a truly personalised and enriching travel experience. For us experiencing that perfect moment makes life worth living.
We recommend those properties that best reflect the local environment but also favour places that offer the very best in standards and service. Whatever style you prefer we can always recommend the ideal accommodation to suit your taste, needs and budget.
Whether you seek to explore each city’s main monuments and museums or more authentic local experiences we always aim to match the guide to your tastes and preferences - Leave it to the team at Gypsian Boutique Tours to create a seamless experience just for you.

Travel Like a Pro: 10 Packing Tips

Never underestimate the importance of packing well - we've all done it bought the biggest suitcase and packed clothing that never saw the light of day.  

  • Choose the right bag and ditch the bulky suitcase

  • Pack “must haves” only

  • Roll or fold clothing flat

  • Pack clothing you can mix and match

  • Take a laundry bag for dirty clothing

  • Use a backpack as a carry on

  • Don’t forget to take a power pack

  • Important documents

  • A light jacket or scarf that can double as a blanket for the plane

  • Remember to put your name and address on your luggage

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